By: Sylvester Coch, Sebastian Saker, and Christopher Sykes

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Dartmouth CS65 Final Project

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Project Description:

InSight is an Android application aimed at improving the quality of life of the visually imapaired. Using CameraX and Google Firebase, this app helps the visually impaired by providing features like:

How to Use InSight

  1. Open the app, and spell out your name when prompted to.

  2. Once logged in, swipe the bottom of the screen and press down to determine which feature you are on.

  3. Once you have selected the desired feature, position the camera appropriately and tap the screen to begin. Hold the phone steady while the camera takes in the image to be processed.

  4. To log out, call for support, listen to the tutorial, provide feedback, learn more about InSight, or share this app with a friend, swipe inward from the right edge of the screen, or press the help button in the top right corner of screen to access the navigation view.

Original Pitch

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Show and Tell 1:

MVC Diagram:

Who Is Doing What:

So far:

From here on out:

Goals for Show and Tell 2:

Show and Tell 2:

Thread Design Diagram:


What’s Next?


Thank you to Professor Campbell and TA’s Weichen and Subigya for a great term!

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